Friends of Parish Church

Who are The Friends of The Parish Church?

The Parish Church’s steeple is seen for miles around.  It is a constant reminder that right in the middle of Oundle we have this priceless historical treasure both architecturally and culturally.  Our Parish church is a centre not only for worship but for concerts, art exhibitions, talks, charity sales, wine-tastings, fair-trade markets, town meetings, barn dances, operas, plays… the list goes on.

The purpose of ‘The Friends of the Parish Church’ ( a separate charity established in 1983) is to help maintain and enhance the church as a building.  With this aim enshrined in their constitution a platform has been created for encouraging everyone in Oundle – whether or not they are a churchgoer – to take an active part in contributing towards the preservation of the church as a building.  All that is required is an awareness and appreciation of our precious heritage.

How have The Friends helped?

In recent years the Friends have contributed towards:

  • the repair of the Bellchamber Mullions;
  • the restoration of the bases and pillars of the West Porch;
  • the floodlighting of the North Face of the Tower;
  • the overhauling of the Tower Clock;
  • the restoration of the East Window;
  • attractive new metal gates in the west entrance (£5000);
  • an enhanced new South Porch entrance (£10,500);
  • the refurbishment of the seventeenth century chandelier hanging over the communion table;
  • the Organ Fund (£5000); 

The Friends have also invested £30,000 in the installation of discreet PV panels on the South Aisle roof.  These now generate nearly half of St Peter’s annual electricity usage as well as income for The Friends.

How do the Friends raise their money?

Through subscribing members and through fund raising events.

How can I become a Friend?

Would you like to be part of this work – helping to ensure that our Parish Church continues to be a beautiful asset for the people of Oundle for generations to come?

For more details please contact 07739 772296 or visit