Mission Partners

We believe that God loves the world and that this love is actively at work reaching and reconciling the whole of creation to Him. 

God has given us a role to play in that reconciling work, as we share his good news and show his love in action. With this in view as a church we seek to support God’s mission to the world both locally and globally, through our giving, we currently to donate 14% of our income to support mission work, our praying and our involvement. 

A key scripture which guides all of our mission activity is “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” John 20:21. Christians are sent! We’re on a mission! It’s the commission he has given to all of His followers. Why not come and join us!

Here is some further information on the twelve different Mission Partners we support. 


Mission of the Month: January

USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel), for over 300 years have been working in partnership with Anglican churches and communities around the world, seeking to share God's love for all people in practical ways.  St Peter's is linked with the 'Protecting Health' programme run by the Church of Bangladesh.  It includes practical healthcare assistance and community health initiatives, as well as education and social development.

Thank God for the Jobarpar Community Health Programme, where villagers are learning about sanitation, nutrition, childcare and women's rights.  This has resulted in a drop in illness and child mortality, and an increase in girls' education and in peer support among women.

Pray for women and girls at risk from traffickers, and for access to government benefits for elderly and disabled people.

To find out more visit:  https://www.uspg.org.uk/


Mission of the Month: February

FEISA exists to meet Paraguay’s pressing need for pre-school teachers. Their vision is to transform the lives of children in Paraguay by training teachers who exhibit creativity, integrity and love. Motivated by the love of Christ, they aim to provide the very poorest  with the highest quality      education. Through initial and ongoing training FEISA aims to produce excellent teachers. 

FEISA teachers employ dynamic, interactive methods so that children learn through play and discovery. This is pioneering in a country where remote learning has been the norm. FEISA teachers also seek to set an example to children by the way they live.

Please pray for all the employees of FEISA and thank God that he has sent them to help transform the lives of children in Paraquay.


Mission of the Month: March

Crosslinks enables everyone to take part in God's mission to bring salvation to the ends of the earth. We send people out to help make Christ known and assist Christians back home to play their part in this.

In five continents and over 30 countries, Crosslinks has long-term mission partners, people on short-term trips, gospel-based projects, training initiatives, summer camps for young people and indigenous gospel workers training for ministry. All Crosslinks people and projects are involved in front-line evangelism or training pastor teachers.

In the world today, billions of people are living without Christ as their saviour. God has chosen to use his followers to help do something about this. Crosslinks wants to make it possible for every Christian to get involved with this mission.

Please pray for the Robinson family, John, Rev’d Gillian, Leah, Natalie and Joel working in Bangkok Thailand. They work with children who live in a slum through the ‘Place of Grace’, a Christian project which runs children's clubs, youth groups, a food bank, and Christian study groups for children and teenagers to provide a place of daytime safety and hope.

To find out more about Crosslinks visit:  www.crosslinks.org/

To find out more about Place of Grace and the Robinsons visit: www.placeofgracebangkok.org/

To find out more visit:  www.uep.edu.py/campus/san-andres/

Hope into Action

Mission of the Month: April

Hope into Action is an award-winning charity set up to enable churches to fight homelessness initially in Peterborough, now across the country. Our dream is to change the lives of the most disadvantaged in our society by finding them homes rather than a bed for the night.   Our vision is for every church to support at least two people in a vulnerable situation (eg ex-offenders or homeless), in suitable and quality accommodation. It will achieve this by outworking the charity’s mission: ‘to mobilise, unite, and unleash the latent Christian prayer, resources and skills’ on people in vulnerable situations in our country.

Please pray for all the employees of Hope into Action and the work that they are doing in our community.

To find out more visit:  www.hopeintoaction.org.uk/

Christian Aid

Mission of the Month: May

Christian Aid has a vision to end poverty, believing that vision can become a reality.  It works through partner organisations in about 50 poor countries, with people of all faiths and none.  It helps the victims of emergencies such as earthquakes, floods and conflict, as well as working on long-term development plans and building resistant communities. 

Christian Aid Week runs each year in May, and it is a time when we focus on our neighbours in other parts of the world

Thank God for the work of Christian Aid, and pray that this work will bring his Kingdom closer.

Pray for house-to-house organisers and collectors, and for those who are asked to give, that there may be a generous response to help our neighbours around the world and refugees in our own communities.

To find out more visit: www.christianaid.org.uk/

Church Mission Society

Mission of the Month: June

The Church Mission Society: CMS, asks for prayer for the hundreds of Mission Partners they are supporting overseas. 

Across the world over a third of these partners are African, Asian, Latin American or     Middle Eastern brothers or sisters who are living out their call to join in God’s mission in their local contexts.

Global Mission is not just about financial support it’s about solidarity, shared learning, mutual support and being part of what God is doing. While Church Mission Society continues to send Mission Partners overseas, they recognise the reality that the leading roles in the story of God’s Mission, 'to the uttermost parts of the earth', are now likely to be played by committed Christians in their own culture and context.

Thank God for the work of CMS and all their mission partners around the world.

To find out more visit:  www.churchmissionsociety.org/

Mothers’ Union, including ‘Away from it all’ project

Mission of the Month: July

Mothers’ Union are involved in worldwide as well as UK and Ireland projects include prison work, supporting families through healthcare learning and literacy initiatives as well as victims of domestic violence and refugees. There are also many projects worldwide to encourage women to start their own businesses, however small e.g. having chickens so that the eggs can be sold.

Diocesan Projects include the Frances Lunch Project for children in need during the holidays, supporting the Daylight Centre in Wellingborough, Women's' Refuge Centres as well as much knitting for premature babies, refugees and so on.

Our Parish Project continues with ongoing praying for those babies and young children who are baptised. Up to now we are praying for 42 children.

Only a very few of the projects undertaken by the Mothers' Union, one of the largest Christian Charities in the world, have been mentioned so your prayer and financial support is essential.

Please pray for all the volunteers who are involved in the many projects that Mothers’ Union are involved with and the recipients of their love and care.

To find out more visit:  https://www.mothersunion.org/

Chattabox and Chattabox+

Mission of the Month: August

Chattabox Holiday Club takes place every August, normally in the second week.

Each morning around 100 primary school age children will gather at Oundle C.E. Primary School for a lively time of fun together. Each year there is a different theme which runs throughout the week. There will be crafts, games, dramas, discussions, worship and more. All the morning sessions are led by an amazing team of 70 teenagers and young adults who work their socks off to help the children encounter God and build relationships with each other.

The team of young people camp on site for the whole week and in the afternoons and evenings each day they have their own programme of activities and teaching as part of Chattabox +.

Chattabox presents the churches in Oundle with an amazing opportunity each year to share the Christian faith with children and young people, and to allow these young leaders to use their gifts and talents in God's service, modelling to their peers what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus.

Pray for the team that bring Chattabox and Chattabox+ together and for all the children who come and learn about God.

To find out more visit: www.chattaboxoundle.co.uk

Langley House

Mission of the Month: September

Langley House Trust is a Christian charity helping ex-offenders to turn the lives around. Over 97% of men and women stay crime-free whilst with Langley. Those coming out of prison face stigma when trying to reintegrate into their communities and need support and care in pursuing transformation. Prayer is essential in for breakthrough. Thank you for joining us to pray for the men and women we work with.

Pray for those seeking employment. Only 12% of employers will employ someone with a criminal record. Ask God for breakthrough: for more employers prepared to provide opportunities to those with a criminal record. 

To find out more visit:  https://www.langleyhousetrust.org/


Mission of the Month: October

MAKING GOD'S LOVE VISIBLE:  SAT-7's vision is to see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture.

SAT-7 broadcasts Christian television programmes in the three main regional languages (Arabic, Farsi and Turkish), which are locally made, culturally relevant and produced by and for the people of MENA.  These programmes are broadcast by satellite into people’s homes, refugee and displaced people's camps across the region from Afghanistan to Morocco and are not under local government   control.

Praise God for over 25 million regular viewers and more than 800 responses daily

Pray for vision and creativity for all the producers and presenters of the programmes and for the safety of all the staff in the region.  

To find out more visit:  https://www.sat7uk.org/


Mission of the Month: November

For fifty years Tearfund has been following Jesus where the need is greatest, providing Christian relief and development.

Archbishop Justin Welby has written this prayer which he asks us to pray to celebrate Tearfund's Jubilee.

Gracious and generous God, you became poor so that we might be enriched by your love, and you gave the world's wealth and resources as a common inheritance of all human beings.

We pray you will strengthen your church to be a beacon of hospitality for the poor.

We pray that, seeing the light of Christ’s  love, the nations and peoples of the world may fight not to kill, but to outdo one another in care for the poor, and in actions of gracious generosity.

Through Him who for our sakes did not grasp the wealth of heaven, but instead gave all to live for us as a slave, and die for us in pain, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

‘Tearfund will not stop until poverty stops’

To find out more visit: https://www.tearfund.org/

Children’s Society

Mission of the Month: December

The Children’s Society is working towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage. They have been trusted for over a century to drive change locally and   nationally and provide support where it’s needed most. They base this vital work on the experiences of every child they help and the solid evidence gathered. They worked with over 13,000 vulnerable children and young people last year, while the campaign will bring change to more than 3 million. 

We pray for all the children who are in need.  May they know God’s blessings and find strength in his light.

We pray for the work of The Children's Society and the  support they offer vulnerable children.

To find out more visit: www.childrenssociety.org.uk