Elected Parochial Church Council Members

A parochial church council (PCC) is the executive committee of a Church of England parish. Legally the council is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and the maintenance of its assets, such as churches and church halls, but the council also acts as a focus for church affairs in the parish. 

The primary purpose of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is, together with the minister and other staff, to ‘promote the whole mission of the church’. If you have any matters you would like to raise with the PCC please speak to a member of staff or one of the representatives below.

Our PCC:

Stephen Webster (Vicar, Chair), Annabel Copeland (Associate Vicar), Sian Fytche (Churchwarden), Rob Dillarstone (Treasurer), Louise Foote, Ian Goldsmith, David Gooda, John Grubb, Ben Treverton, Peter Taylor, Angela Newell, Sally Saunders, Louisa Baker ( Churchwarden ), Kim Treverton,  Pam Weatherington, Sarah Vogt, Claire Weston.