Connecting with God - Youth

Top tips to survive lockdown:

  1. Make a timetable for the week

It can be easy to just ‘do nothing’ and be unproductive, so make sure that your day still has routine – this is great for our sleep pattern and mental health.

  • Do some cooking

Baking and cooking are great for the soul – it’s doing something new and you achieve something really good and tasty too!

  • Do some exercise

This gets us out of the house and exercise is so good for our physical and mental health

  • Host a quiz

Get onto zoom with family and friends and host a quiz for everyone – helps you stay connected and is lots of fun!

  • Go for a walk

We are so blessed to have good weather during lockdown, get out and spend some time admiring God’s wonderful creation.

  • Read a book

This helps us to unwind and is especially good to do before bed instead of browsing on our phones.

Watch this video…

Some youth workers gathered together before lockdown to discuss how they are going to survive lock down and how their faith will help them too – it’s worth a watch!

Things to follow…

Here are some good Instagram pages to follow…

Youth.stpeters – our own Instagram page! Follow for encouragements, updates, thoughts and bible verses.

Crops Uk – Crops Instagram page – useful tips and thoughts.

Versefirst – full of really encouraging bible verses

Mikepilivachi – speaker from Soul Survivor -  he is posting a short talk every day – really helpful!

Girlgotfaith – brilliant page full of encouragements and thoughts for girls who follow Jesus

Introoutroyt – fun videos from the Christian youth work charity: Youth for Christ

Here are some good youtube channels to follow…

Intro Outro – Same as the Instagram page – fun and thoughtful videos from a Christian perspective

Soul Survivor – lots of talks and worship sessions available from previous summer events

Spring Harvest – Spring Harvest Home has just been aired over the Easter Holidays – this is full of loads of useful talks and worship – don’t just try the ‘youth’ stuff, there’s loads of helpful thoughts across the board, see what works for you.

St Peter’s Church, Oundle – we have all our livestreamed prayers and services on here – check them out!