Our Values

We are the parish church for Oundle. We exist to serve and to share God’s good news with all who live here.

As a church family, our hope and prayer is that all would:

KNOW God’s love in their hearts.
LIVE in response to God’s love as disciples of Jesus
GIVE God’s love to others through word and action.

We seek to:

Teach God’s Word faithfully
Make disciples of Jesus at every age and stage
Equip everyone to be part of God’s mission
Care for the lost, the last and the least
Live as God’s family, sharing joys and sorrows
Offer breadth and authenticity in worship

We are a family of Christians of all ages who love to welcome new people. A belief in the limitless grace of God is at the heart of all we seek to be as we pray, laugh, worship, eat, learn, cry and grow together.

Believing in God as Father, Son and Spirit, the life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to all that we want to share with others.

This only gives you a snapshot of what we value at St Peter’s. The best way to find out what really matters to us is to come along and get to know us. We’d love to meet you and get to know you!