Connecting with God together with others

Being a Christian isn’t only about our individual relationship with God. It’s also about connecting with God together with others. Here are some ways that we can still connect with God and worship together with others:

Join in with St Peter’s daily midday prayer on Facebook or later on via our Youtube channel or here on our website.

Join in with St Peter’s ‘Sunday Morning Live’ on Facebook

Join in with Spring Harvest

(For many years St Peter’s has taken part in the Spring Harvest conference. There are many resources available on their website, Why not have a look?)

Leave a prayer request. 
It might be that you’d like to know others are joining in to pray for something you’d like prayer for. Or maybe you don’t know how to pray; or that you’d prefer not to pray yourself but would like someone else to, for you. Or perhaps you’d like someone else to pray your prayer with you.

You can send your prayer request to and the prayer team at St Peter’s will pray for it. (Please note that this email is not for prayer requests of a confidential nature).

or call our Pastoral Number: 07904929279

If you need to talk to someone in confidence the Rev Canon Stephen Webster can be contacted via phone on 01832 275631 or by email on